“The Essentials” Refresher Course & Tuition…

  • Has it been a while since you’ve ridden or do you just need to upskill? This course is a must for all current road riders looking to refresh and expand their road riding skills. Our course builds from the foundations, allowing you to learn and practice the essential skills that help build confidence and most importantly, keep you in control. This defensive course concentrates on the core issues that put us most at risk. The ability to apply the practical skills is only one aspect of us staying safe, the other is how we react as individuals in times of emergency or panic. We work with you to improve both. Essential practical skills include: • Counter-steering • Cornering techniques • Emergency braking • Contact patch & surface With over 30 years road riding experience and based in North East Victoria, George Talbot is a licensed instructor with both Vic Roads and RTA. The course is approx 5 hours in duration and a maximum of 4 students per course applies. Participants will be allocated a motorcycle (included in price ) but must provide their own appropriate motorcycle safety attire. All applicants must hold a current motorcycle licence. Full face helmets must be worn and can be provided if required. We know our region offers some of the most enjoyable and challenging rides in the country, let’s make sure we all have “THE ESSENTIALS”

    Making you a better, safer rider with on-road tuition

    • We can make you a better, safer rider… If you’re returning to the road, we can help you have a better understanding of riding techniques. We offer one on one tuition and road tuition, where we observe your riding style and help you become a better and safer rider.