We train you for life…

Our courses are designed for all levels with both theory and practical training methods utilised to ensure you understand what it takes to be a safe and competent rider on our roads. From those that have never ridden to refresher/ defensive courses for longer term riders. We are with you all the way! It doesn’t matter if you’re commuting to work or feeling the freedom of the open road, we all agree its great fun. Getting the right start is critical. Ensuring the right skills are gained, adopting the right frame of mind and all legal requirements are covered is what Ride Smart North East is all about. All motorcycles are provided and you will be allocated your own bike for the course. Helmets and gloves are also available for participants use on the day. Courses can be booked with as little as 3 working days notice in most cases.
To receive a Victorian Motorcycle Learners Permit you must:
• Be 18 yrs or older
• Pass the Vic Roads Knowledge Test
• Hold a current Victorian Car Licence or Learner Permit
• Pass the VicRoads Motorcycle Learner Permit Riding test