Duration: 7.5 hrs Max Participants: 5 Weekend and weekdays Motorcycle / scooter provided This Vic Roads course is designed for those starting out or already have the basic control skills of riding a motorcycle. You will be trained and practice all of the skills required help to gain your permit, but most of all, to help keep you safe on the road. These include emergency braking, cornering techniques, essential defensive riding knowledge and much more. In fact, this course offers the complete package. Includes both written and practical testing (including on roads assessment) with Permits issued on the 2 day for successful applicants.


Duration: 3.5 hrs (depending on numbers) Max participants: 5 Weekends and weekdays Motorcycle / scooter available (or use your own) This is a compulsory Vic Roads course for riders progressing from their learner permit to their motorcycle licence. Consisting of a combination of both on and off road training and coaching. Your check ride can be completed anytime your feeling confident to ride in higher volume traffic and speeds, (subject to course availability) however we recommend lots of practice on your Learner Permit first. MUST BE COMPETED 1 MONTH PROR TO LICENCE ASSESSMENT.


Duration: 1.5 hrs Max Participants: 1 Weekends and weekdays Motorcycle / scooter available (or use your own) This is the Vic Roads motorcycle assessment involving both on and off road testing. It is recommended that you only undertake this assessment when you have achieved considerable practice on your learner permit first. Includes higher level on road traffic riding. Check ride must be completed at least 1 month prior. Upon successful completion, a motorcycle licence will be issued on the day.